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Who we are

Based on our past experiences in marketing Egyptian players in Europe, it became clear that Egyptian players are unable to adapt and shine quickly in the European leagues. Therefore, Cairo City was created to be a football club in the near future, and currently as a football academy, in partnership with the largest sports academy in Zurich, Switzerland.

Our Philosophy

Cairo City Academy is a football school built on realism, which deals with every talent in a way that ensures its development without any rush to win or achieve tournaments in an unconsidered manner. As this can stress the child’s nervous system or cause damage to the physical structure that is still developing. Our goal is for the child to enjoy football without pressures that make him hate the game, and at the same time put him on the right track to become a professional player who is able to cope with the troubles of training and the life of professionalism at the right age.

About Cairo City

Cairo City is a football academy founded in 2017 by Sport Makers with a partnership of Sports Academy Zurich in Switzerland. The academy is planning to become a football club playing at the professional level one day. Our goal since day one was to ensure that the children are having fun while at the same time preparing them for the life of a professional footballer. Therefore, the academy has been built from the inside out on Swiss principles, which are reflected in its training philosophy and methodology.

Play it forward

Christian Gross, former head coach of Tottenham Hotspur FC, FC Basel and Zamalek SC at the opening ceremony of the academy

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in Partnership with sport Academy Zurich

Switzerland has proven to be the most successful destination for young football players as a steppingstone in Europe to develop their talents from the young ages of 14 to 20. These young talents can later become professionals in the most competitive football leagues in the world. Accordingly, Cairo City has partnered with Sport Academy Zurich, a football academy that specializes in athletic talent development. In addition, Sport Academy Zurich offers an education system especially dedicated to outstanding athletes through its partnership with KV Zurich Business School. Students of the academy graduate with an accredited Swiss diploma that allows them to work in administrative positions.

Sport Academy Zurich

The Sport Academy Zurich (SAZ) is a sports private school accredited by the middle school and vocational training office of the canton of Zurich. It enables their learners to complete a full-fledged apprenticeship as an EFZ merchant within four years and at the same time develop their sporting or dancing talent with high intensity.

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